Which Quadcopter to Choose?

  • Shopping for a quadcopter introduction
  • Factors to consider
  • Resources about quadcopters

When shopping for a quadcopter, you have to be a wise and well informed buyer. You have to do the proper research in order to find the right quadcopter for you. You have to determine what you need it for and how much are you willing to spend. In this article, I will explain to you the decision making process in choosing the right quadcopter. That way, you get the best possible choice for your needs.



How To Choose A Quadcopter:

  1. Determine what you need the quadcopter for. It’s no use buying a quadcopter built for racing when all you want to do with it is take videos and photos. Get my drift?
  2. Find out how much is your budget. For most of us, this is probably the most determining factor for buying a quadcopter.
  3. List out what you want from your quadcopter. Here are a few factors to consider. Durability, ease of use, maintenance, battery life/flight time, range and camera resolution(if you are in to aerial photography). You don’t want a drone that breaks easily right? And as far as ease of use is concerned, look for a drone that you can easily operate. Flight time is also an important feature because it allows you to take longer footage or more pictures. And if you are in to aerial photography, it is very important to have a camera that takes good quality images. That is a must!
  4. Once you have done those steps, narrow down your choices to 3-4 drones according to your needs.
  5. Read reviews about those drones to get an idea of which one is the best.
  6. Rank them in terms of preference so that when you finally go to buy it, you can easily switch to the next preferred drone if the top of the list is not available.

So there you go, how to choose a quadcopter is a pretty straightforward process. If you need resources, especially reviews, you can check out the quadcopterguru.com. They have great reviews about the latest quadcopters in the market. Have fun shopping!



Camera Quadcopters and Their Uses

  • Quadcopter introduction
  • What are its commercial uses
  • Common features

What are quadcopters? Well, these are unmanned aerial vehicles that are being propelled by 4 rotors instead of the conventional 2 rotors being used by helicopters. These 4 rotors allow the quadcopter to have a vertical takeoff and landing same as a helicopter. The concept is, each rotor operates at a different speed in order to achieve better control. These devices can be controlled via remote control. These quadcopters are now being used commercially for several different purposes which we will talk about later on.

Quadcopters have several uses. A camera quadcopter can be used to do aerial photography, which is a pretty stunning thing to watch, if you are an audience. This is basically the most useful purpose of quadcopters and the reason why it became a commercial success. Aside from being a camera quadcopter, it serves as a research platform, usually by university researchers. Researchers that study flight control and robotics find quadcopters to be a lot of help. Quadcopters are also being applied in military and law enforcement mainly for surveillance purposes. The military have basically made it a surveillance mechanism to observe an area or check out a location and plan strategic moves for any operation. Before quadcopters became a commercial success, they were mainly manufactured to be used for these kinds of operations.

The most basic features of a quadcopter are the 4 rotors attached to it to allow it to fly. It is controlled remotely through a controller that controls the speed at which the rotors rotate. As for commercial quadcopters, they usually have a built-in camera that allows for still image and video capture. Today, quadcopters are being designed to have an autopilot system that allows it to takeoff or land automatically and even follow the remote controller. In a few years time, who knows what other innovations can be incorporated in the quadcopter.


Artsy Pics with Lightroom Presets

  • Using Lightroom presets to enhance your photos
  • More than 500 presets available online for your photo editing needs
  • A photography app that provides video tutorials to users

Professional photographers edit their works using specific tools that accentuate the overall composition of their photos. For non-professionals, however, they will have to settle for some less sophisticated tools for them to enhance their photos, or at times, seek help from a photographer, just so they can have the effect that they want.

That is where Lightroom comes in. Lightroom bridges the gap between professional and non-professional photo editing. There’s better chance now, even if you’re not a photographer or a designer, of churning out cool, quality photos that are worthy of publication.

Lightroom, as a start, introduces presets as its main tool for the development of your photo images. Presets are devices that you can incorporate in your images to make it more artsy, more prominent, and at times, more enticing to any viewer. With more than 500 presets to choose from, Lightroom, without a doubt, is the ultimate photography app when editing photos.

Lightroom has a variety of presets that you can use, from black and white to infrared to vintage and even those 3D-inspired ones, where you can make lifelike representations of your pictures. And you can even mix these features, editing its layers, for you to come up with a specific effect.

And because Lightroom offers more than just editing, it has provided tutorials also for those who might want to dig more about it. These video tutorials are informative while making things easier for you as it provides options, tips and suggestions on how to improve your photo images.

No wonder Lightroom continues to make an impact on both professionals and non-professionals alike. It has leveled the photography field, so to speak, but leveling it to make these images more artsy, accurate and accessible.


Intalling Presets for Your Photos 

  • Easy to install presets for Lightroom in your Mac or PC
  • Free presets you can get online for your photos
  • Quick, simple steps on how to add presets to Lightroom

Lightroom is so easy to use. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why this app is so popular even for professional photographers because it makes things easier for them.


But let us take a quick view on how to add presets to Lightroom. If you know how to add these presets, though, it would be easier for you to navigate, let alone edit your photos in a variety of ways.

In six short ways, let us discuss how to add presets to Lightroom.

  1. First stop, you need to download that appropriate preset online, whether you paid for it or you have it for free. Downloading these presets is as easy as using them.
  2. After downloading that preset, you now need to locate and uncompress your files. Lightroom is potentially a heavy file, so for easier conversion you need to uncompress it.
  3. Then after uncompressing your files, you can now open Lightroom. This is your entry pass before editing your photo images.
  4. Now if you’re using a Mac, you can locate the menu bar on top, and navigate to Lightroom > Preferences, and you are good to go.
  5. Now when the box appears (Prefereces), you need to select the Presets tab.
  6. Then after selecting the Presets tab, you can now click he button labeled “Show Lightroom Presets Folder”. And from that point on, you can now explore the app for your editing.

You will learn as you go on how to add presets to Lightroom. Keep in mind that the exploration is part of the experience of using these Lightroom presets. Photo editing has never been this easy. And Lightroom is a big part of it.


Artsy Presets for Lightroom  

  • More than 100 presets you can get online via Lightoom
  • Edit your photo images like a professional designer or photographer using Lightroom presets
  • Enhanced photos with appropriate color scheme and lighting effects, courtesy of Lightroom presets

The art of photography has come a long way from its humble beginnings. If in the old days you seek out the assistance of a professional photographer when developing your pictures, today, though, all you need to have is an appropriate tool for the enhancement of your photo images.


Designers even are changing the way they enhance their images. Like photographers, they, too, find it necessary to have these tools so that their work would always look good in their magazines and even in their online pages.

This is where these presets for Lightroom come in. Lightroom has been in the photography scene for quite some time now, and yet it continues to make an impression as far as photo editing is concerned. These presets, by the way, are applications for you to make significant adjustments or changes to your photos.

And you can get these presets for Lightroom free online. There are over 100 presets you can use in Lightroom, you won’t run out of design or effect as soon as you use this interactive tool for the enhancement of your pictures.

Plus, you have these video tutorials around, so you can further enhance the color, texture and the overall composition of your images through tips that these tutorials will give you.

So scour the web right now and choose among these presets for Lightroom. Bring out the best of your photo images through these beautiful, easy-to-handle presets. And pretty soon you will reap its benefits while generating a lot of likes and friends online, courtesy of these useful apps from Lightroom, the art behind every good photo.


How Infoparrot Enhances Your Photos

  • A web-based photography shop with free and paid presets to offer for your pictures
  • Photography tools that can do retouching and color toning only at infoparrot.com
  • Becoming a designer or photographer via infoparot.com

Are you looking for the best collection of presets online? Don’t look any further, though, infoparrot.com is the answer to your presets problem. Infoparrot.com presets come in all shapes, style and sizes. In fact, this might be spurious to some, but with infoparrot.com, you’ll never run out of style with their presets.


Infoparrot.com presets have that distinct quality in it. Since you have that varied and diversified collection of presets, any effect that you can think of is now a possibility with Infoparrot.

Some of the collections you can get with these infoparrot.com presets include:

  • Night Photography Retouch Tips – Lightroom Version
  • Color Toning B&W Images in Lightroom
  • Creative Work of Graduated Filter in Adobe Lightroom
  • VSCO Film Presets on Lightroom Portrait Edit
  • 35 Best Lightroom Color Presets for Adobe Lightroom

You might notice that these infoparrot.com presets collection covers all your photography needs, from employing filters to color toning, features that makes significant changes on your photos. These changes, by the way, are for the better. You get to see pictures that are enhanced with sophistication with Infoparrot.

The idea of becoming a photographer also is quite possible with these infoparrot.com presets. As soon as you can get the hang of these tools, editing photos, let alone enhancing them, is quite easy. For all you know, after a year of using these presets, you’ve become an expert in your own right.

So these infoparrot.com presets are the tools you need towards a more enriching photography experience. It enhances not only your photo images, but more so you images as well, as more and more viewers will be asking what type of tools you have used for the development of your photo.


Sleeklens’ List of the Best Photography Laptops

  • A collection of photo-enhancing tools from Sleeklens, including the appropriate laptops to use
  • A one-stop photo shop online that offers pertinent information about photography gadgets that suits your style
  • Offering presets and brushes as well, aside from laptops, courtesy of Sleeklens

If you haven’t heard of Sleeklens when it comes to enhancing photos, then you are in for some surprise. Sleeklens has a lot of lists that are of use as soon as you start thinking about enhancing your photos. Sleeklens has this list of presets and brushes as well as their list of laptops to use when editing your photos.


Speaking of laptops, Sleeklens has in its collection these cool laptops for the improvement of your photo images. This list by Sleeklens is worthwhile because it allows you to choose among the many great gadgets around for the enhancement of your photos, saving you enough time and resources in the process.

This list include: Aorus X5Sv5-SL1, Lenovo Y70, ASUS ROG G752VT, Alienware AW17R3-4175SLV, Lenovo Z70, Asus ROG GL552VW, MSI GE72 Apache Pro, HP ZBook 17 G2.

These laptops, needless to say, have hard drives that can accommodate a lot of files and that they have processors that speed up your editing, without altering the natural actioncamera image of your photos.

This list by Sleeklens is worthwhile also in a sense that it introduces you to the latest technologies as far as photography is concerned, the appropriate laptops that can help aid ay photo enthusiast in creating visually stimulating photographs.

So visit Sleeklens’ website today and check out additional information about these laptops. Sleeklens will offer you the best photo-enhancing solution there is, courtesy of these technologically advanced laptops for photography.

Don’t waste time now. You have nothing to lose with Sleeklens; their collection brings out the best of your photo images, and your image online as well.


MoMP Gallery

The MoMP Collection protects over 1000 mourning photographs and negatives, circa 1840 to Present. The Museum Collection is located in Chicago’s historic Logan Square neighborhood. At this time, the Collection may only be viewed by appointment. To make arrangements to visit the collection, please email: viewing@mourningphoto.com. The following images are photographs owned by MoMP and may not be copied, reproduced, or linked without the express written permission of MoMP. For usage and copyright information, email info@mourningphoto.com
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